"I had suffered from lower back pain for years and had gone to a chiropractor for relief but found that it was only temporary. A year and a half ago, in desperation I went to the Yellow Pages and picked Quinci out of the several acupuncturists listed - a move I have never regretted. 

I am a 68 year old male in generally good health. Since receiving treatment from Quinci, my back has never felt better. I have also noticed that I haven't had a cold or sinus trouble in the past year or so.

Several months ago, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands and a pinched nerve in my left hand that left three of my fingers numb. I was told I needed an operation to correct the problem. I mentioned this to Quinci and within two to three treatments, I noticed that the feeling was coming back (and has since returned to normal). When I hesitantly mentioned the improvement to my surgeon, he actually encouraged me to continue with treatment. 

Her 'table-side manner' is impeccable. Every person in the healing field should be as complete, probing, and interested in one's health and welfare as Quinci is.  

I have noticed improvement in my general overall health in that I'm not as tired or listless as I once was; I have more energy and for the most part, sleep better. 

I will continue to recommend Quinci to friends and relatives and, for my part, will continue 'tune-up' treatments as needed."

James Hosford


"Having an acupuncture treatment with Quinci is better than going to a spa: it is soothing, relaxing, serene. In fact, I often doze. So do the needles hurt? No, not at

all - otherwise I wouldn't be dozing! Besides offering relaxation, the series of treatments I had were very helpful in diminishing the pain I was having in my arms from arthritis and rotator cuff injury. Quinci is very experienced, very knowledgeable, as well as honest, principled, and professional. Most importantly, she is genuinely compassionate and, in her manner, very gentle, very quiet, very comforting. I could not recommend her treatments more highly!"

Jan MacBeth 

"I developed carpal tunnel in my right hand. My hand would seem like it was on fire and my fingertips had no feeling. By nighttime I would have to sleep on the couch with my right arm in the air - this was the only way I could sleep. I did this for two weeks. My doctor stated that most likely I would have to have it operated on. 

A friend of mine told me that he had arm problems and his wife had back problems and they both had good results with Quinci. I made the call and went to see her. Besides my hand, I told her that I had a problem with my right shoulder. Every time I moved it in a certain way it would 'snap' and cause me pain. 

I had my treatment and that night I slept in my bed and my hand wasn't as bad. The next morning my daughter asked how I had made out. I told her that I slept for the first time in two weeks, and the next thing I did was move my shoulder and there was no snap. 

I went for five weeks. My fingertips came back to normal and my carpal tunnel has since gone."

Jim Haughey

“I am a female, 80 years of age. I have been working with Quinci for more than three years now. I came for treatment originally because I had torn a muscle in my arm and was in severe pain. I could not use my right hand for “mousing” on my computer, nor reaching, nor lifting anything heavy. I had suffered this condition for more than six months without improvement.

My doctor told me the injury was permanent and would not heal. Having had success with acupuncture in the past (with a different practitioner located farther away), I was hoping it might be of help again.

My results with Quinci were fabulous and I have been coming ever since. My arm was well on its way to being healed in a few months and has continued to be well and healthy. Other conditions I have experienced, such as pain in the hips and other places, have been helped by Quinci’s treatment. I always feel greatly revived and rejuvenated after a session.

She is caring and careful. She sees to my comfort always and is observant of my condition as well. She is creative in her treatment and addresses my current conditions with the variety of tools she has at her disposal.

While I’ve had acupuncture before with another practitioner, Quinci’s methods and treatment are for me more effective. From the beginning, I have been impressed with her caring nature, her concerned and interested attitude, and her gentle treatment. She is extremely considerate of my feelings as well.

I recommend her highly because I believe she can be of help with a multitude of conditions. I admire Quinci and hope she will continue to treat people, including me, for many years to come.“

T. H., North Grafton, MA

"I am a 54 year old woman who was diagnosed with a rare eye disease. The only treatment was chemotherapy. I decided to try alternative medicine and started chiropractic, which helped. I then started acupuncture with Quinci and at my 6th session, for a moment while I was sitting in her office, I saw perfectly clear! I still have those times when my vision is clear and it continues to improve. I am now driving again and my color vision has returned. I highly recommend Quinci as a healer. She is kind, gentle and takes the time to listen. The feeling of total peace I have after a session is worth the visit!"

Donna Bernardo, Artist

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"I am a woman in my fifties with Seasonal Affective Disorder. This past January I felt like the weight of the world was on me. The stress in my personal and work life was high. I have had many massages over the years with no stress relief in my neck or upper back. I heard about Quinci and decided to give acupuncture a try. 

On my first visit, the health questionnaire gave Quinci and me a chance to get to know each other. This is when I saw how professional, caring, and insightful she is with her patients. After a thorough review, Quinci developed an acupuncture treatment plan that was unique for me. I can say that after just a few visits the stress that I have held in my neck and upper back for years is finally gone and I feel lighter and brighter. I am more relaxed in my mind and in tune with my body's needs, which helps me make wiser decisions for myself on a daily basis.

I look forward to each treatment. Quinci checks to see how I am doing, and incorporates any issues into that day's treatment. This has led to the discovery and relief of my Restless Leg Syndrome and pain in my lower back. After each treatment, I feel relaxed and energized. This feeling stays with me long after the treatment is over. It is better than any massage I have ever had.

Quinci is a one-of-a-kind professional in the art of acupuncture delivered in a gentle, quiet, caring manner. I highly recommend her to everyone. You will be amazed at the results."

H.P., Framingham, MA 

"I have been seeing Quinci on and off for over a year for a variety of sports-related injuries and just to have regular 'chi check-ups'. Gentle Touch is certainly an appropriate name for Quinci's practice as she is both professional and nurturing, reflecting her holistic approach to healing. She has successfully treated every injury I have brought to her. I look forward to each appointment as a relaxing and energizing experience."

Matt B., Milford, MA

"As a personal trainer and a former medical professional, I am used to seeking medical care via western medicine. However, working with Quinci has really opened my eyes to the healing powers of eastern medicine. When I first came to see Quinci, I was having problems with swallowing and acid reflux, as well as leg pain and restless leg syndrome, which was keeping me from sleeping well. I am happy to report that these problems have almost disappeared! 

Quinci is a highly skilled professional who performs an extremely thorough evaluation and follows this with careful, caring acupuncture in a relaxing, comfortable setting. I have had treatment from other acupuncturists, but, by far, have had the best results from Quinci's skilled care."

Kathy Ekdahl, Certified Personal Trainer 


​​"I am a 44-year old clinical social worker that turned to acupuncture as a means of self-care after years of working with children and trauma. For many years I worked with an acupuncturist in Boston. When we moved to Westborough I decided, reluctantly, to find someone closer to home.

I'm so glad I did! Upon meeting Quinci I knew I was in good hands. She's intuitive, present and thoughtful. She's capable, warm and knowledgeable. I always feel immediate relief from the accumulation of work exposure and can also bring my everyday aches and pains, knowing that she can help."

P.B., Westborough, MA

"My name is Mary Anne and I am 45 years old. I began seeing Quinci of Gentle Touch Acupuncture because of a heel spur. I tried a cortisone shot for it but after about three months it started to bother me again. My husband belongs to BNI, a business networking group, as [did] Quinci. After learning what she was all about he suggested I go see her. 

My first session was taking all my medical history and explaining what acupuncture was and how it worked, and a brief demonstration with the needles. After listening to her talk about the needles I wasn't apprehensive at all - I was even looking forward to it! 

After my first full session I could feel such a difference in my well-being. I was relaxed and felt like some connection had been made within my inner body. I felt like I had taken this big, deep breath, cleansed myself, and was ready to start the day again - mentally, physically and spiritually.

As for my heel, when I first started I could not get out of bed without babying this foot. It took everything I had to completely stand on it. I saw Quinci every couple of weeks and each time in between visits it was healing. After about six or eight visits I could hardly notice the heel spur, and today I would never even know I had one. 

I still see Quinci every six weeks because I feel that it has just done really good things for me all around. It keeps me feeling positive and relaxed. So why not give it a try? There is no pain with the needles and it is relaxing. It may not eliminate the use of medications because some are very necessary, but it is an alternative to taking more than you need. I would recommend this to anyone, even the healthiest person, because it truly is a great way to relax and feel good all over. Who doesn't want that?"

Mary Anne McAlister

“A few years ago, I was fortunate to be referred to Quinci at Gentle Touch Acupuncture by a friend. I see Quinci for routine treatment of my osteoarthritis once every three weeks.

Previously, daily chronic pain and stiffness in my hands prevented me from activities I enjoy, such as painting and playing music. The lack of flexibility and dexterity caused me to drop, break and spill more than I care to remember. The arthritis also developed in my knee and feet, inhibiting outdoor activities and making my work painful and challenging.

While under the care of my osteopathic physician, I was treated with anti-inflammatory meds and twice a year cortisone shots. Concerned about taking more, or stronger, pain meds, I asked my doctor about seeking acupuncture treatment. He wholeheartedly endorsed it!

I have regained a significant amount of strength, dexterity and function. The boost to my spirit has been a godsend. Additionally, since I have been coming to Quinci, my liver disease has been very well controlled, which pleases my hematologist and gastroenterologist. In turn, I am pleased that my western medicine practitioners support this ancient form of treatment.

I look forward to it, as it is relaxing and reduces stress - it is like meditation. Quinci pays attention to every detail to make sure that I am comfortable. She always asks questions in the event she can treat a new issue. Now that I am in my 60s, I do develop new issues!

I recommend consultation and treatment with Quinci. She has made an extraordinary difference in my ability to enjoy life despite medical challenges.”

Cynthia E., Hopkinton, MA

"I am in my 40s, mother of two, a working professional...Over the last several months job related stress, along with family pressures, were becoming more difficult for me to manage and were starting to show in increased anxiety and chronic pain throughout my neck, left shoulder and arm. I tried a number of things including pain medications, physical therapy, chiropractic work and yoga to relieve the pain but did not get relief. 

As a last resort, I decided to visit an acupuncturist on the advice of close friends, both medical doctors. I had little confidence and expectation that acupuncture could help me, but at the time my pain was very intense and I felt that it couldn't hurt. You could consider me a 'reluctant' candidate for acupuncture treatment. 

Within a few weeks of getting treatment at Gentle Touch Acupuncture, I experienced intermittent relief from the chronic pain on my left side, and gradually over the last four months the pain has subsided significantly. In addition, my ability to cope and deal with stress is very much improved. 

From the start, I was very impressed with Quinci's approach. She showed a strong interest in understanding my situation and any factors that could be contributing to my pain. She continually surprises me with her thoughtful, insightful questions. 

I once told Quinci that I feel 'hooked' on acupuncture but honestly, I am 'hooked' on Quinci. In my experience, I have not found anyone during the months of medical treatment who exhibited the same concern or deep interest as Quinci. I trust her implicitly and would highly recommend her to anyone."

M.S., Westborough, MA